2016 Mother's Day Resource Drive and Fundraiser

In January, Professor Griselda Rodriguez, pictured above with her husband Idris and son Talib, visited Batey Libertad with her class from City College of New York. The class, which was called called "Black Behind The Ears," exposed students to the complicated relationship between Dominican nation-building and Blackness. After visiting Batey Libertad and seeing Yspaniola's programs, Griselda decided to organize a fundraiser to support Yspaniola's education programs and a resource drive to benefit the mothers of Batey Libertad. By April 24th, Griselda's goal is to collect 70 kits for mothers in Batey Libertad (see below for details), and as many dictionaries and children's books as she can. By Mother's Day, her goal is to fundraise at least $1500.

To make a contribution, click here to visit Griselda's fundraising page.

The Mother's Day kits we're putting together will contain:
-a first aid kit
-bar soap
-a small gift (such as body splash, culturally specific make-up, nail polish, new or lightly used hand bags, etc.).
They will be distributed on May 29th, which is Mother's Day in the Dominican Republic, and the books will be used during family literacy workshops and distributed to families with children enrolled in Yspaniola's Learning Center.

In-kind resources in New York City can be brought to the following addresses:

The International Studies Program within The City College of New York
North Academic Center, Suite 6/293
Amsterdam Ave and 136th St

Crown Heights at Nostrand and St. John's Place
Please contact Jonathan DiMaio (jon@yspaniola.org) to drop off resources at this location.

Those who wish to ship in-kind resources should mail them to:

The International Studies Program
The City College of New York
North Academic Center, Suite 6/293
Amsterdam Ave and 136th St
New York, NY 10030

Thank you for supporting Yspaniola and the mothers of Batey Libertad!!!