In the News

Miami Herald
An article about the human rights crisis in the Dominican Republic, featuring the story of Wilson Sentimo, an Yspaniola employee and resident of Batey Libertad, and commentary from Yspaniola's President of the Board Jonathan DiMaio.

Huffington Post
An op-ed detailing the human rights crisis in the Dominican Republic, including commentary about regularization plans, deportations, and the history of the crisis. Article written by Jonathan DiMaio, Yspaniola’s President of the Board, and Hanglet Tejada, Executive Director of CEFASA, a Dominican Human Rights Organization.

USA Today
An article telling personal stories from Dominicans of Haitian descent who fear deportation, featuring Wilson Sentimo, a Yspaniola employee.

Human Rights Watch
A Human Rights Watch Report detailing research about the 2014 Naturalization Law’s design and implementation flaws, including information about ongoing human rights violations and suggestions for Dominican, Haitian, and international governments.

Al Jazeera
A video panel discussion regarding stateless Haitians in the Dominican Republic between Nassef Perdomo, a constitutional lawyer, Cristina Aguiar, former DR ambassador to the UN, and Julio Louis, a graduate of Yspaniola’s University Scholarship Program and a resident of Batey Libertad.

A Dominican news article about Yspaniola’s programming and efforts to provide quality education to students from pre-K through university in Batey Libertad. Features commentary from Dana Henderson, former Local Program Manager; Jonathan DiMaio, Yspaniola’s President of the Board; Sabrina Grille, Yspaniola’s former Director of Education Programs; and community members from Batey Libertad.

Highland Park Planet
An article about Board Member Cory Fox's work as former Director of Community Education Programs in Batey Libertad.

Metro West Daily News
An article featuring Gerald McElroy, a Board Member and co-founder of Yspaniola, who continues to promote international awareness in his home town.

Yale Daily News
An article about the purpose and usefulness of spring-break service trips with stories and reflections from Katherine Garvey, a two-time participant in the Yale Service Learning Trip with Yspaniola, and Jonathan DiMaio, Yspaniola’s President of the Board.