Batey Libertad Learning Center

Learning Center Classes
Yspaniola provides classes in Spanish language literacy to students ages 4 to 15 in Batey Libertad. With one Director of Community Education Programs, five full- and part-time teachers, and five teaching assistants from the Batey, our Learning Center serves more than 140 students and young adults from the community. Students are grouped into 9 different classes according to age and ability. Our curriculum helps students in the Batey develop literacy skills not acquired in public school—like phonics and reading strategies—where the quality of instruction is poor and students often complete primary school unable to read at a basic level. Although our primary focus is on Spanish language instruction, Yspaniola also strives to create a healthy environment for child development by fostering skills related to reading comprehension, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and problem solving. Yspaniola places special emphasis on individualized attention, and we regularly assess the abilities and progress of each of our students. We employ a variety of tested methods to gauge learning outcomes, including:
  1. Customized phonics evaluations
  2. The annual Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA).
  3. The Reading A to Z System, which enables us to track student progress over time

Learning Center Library
Each week, Yspaniola hosts open reading hours in the Learning Center library. Students and members of the community are able to choose from a growing selection of books (we would always like more) that they can read.

The Food Program
In Fall 2015, Yspaniola began a fully operational Food Program, providing healthy snacks to Learning Center students to support their learning and incentivize class attendance. This was in response to a perceived need in Batey Libertad, where many families struggle to provide their children with adequate nutrition. Now, in the 2016-2017 academic year, students who attend the Learning Center receive snacks such as hardboiled eggs, sandwiches, bananas and water before their classes.

Meet our Students!
We invite you to meet some of the students at our Learning Center by reading their profiles below!