The Libertad Journal

Starting in 2015, Yspaniola staff and members of the Batey Libertad community began brainstorming ways to share personal stories from the batey with a wider audience. Staff and community members began collaborating to collect essays, short fiction, and interviews in an attempt to share the stories and realities of Batey Libertad and to create a bilingual space for dialogue between locals and foreigners. In March 2016, the first three pieces of The Libertad Journal were officially published. The Journal attempts to provide a broader view of the lives of the community’s residents and of the foreigners who work with them while fostering a discussion about education, development work, and cultural exchange.

The Libertad Journal is jointly edited by Yspaniola staff and Batey Libertad residents. Articles are solicited from foreigners who work in the community, as well as from community members themselves.