Summer Camp

Every July, Yspaniola hosts a Summer Camp: a two to three week long enrichment program in which international volunteers work side-by-side with members of the community to provide a fun and educational experience for over 105 children in Batey Libertad.

Campers participate in a diverse range of activities including:

– Arts and crafts (in 2015, each camper created an individualized mask)
– Sports (baseball, soccer, relay and obstacle courses)
– Health (in 2015, campers studied physical fitness and nutrition)
– Theatre (skits, imitation games, and body language)

Music (in 2015, campers learned the history of music and dance from the Dominican Republic and Haiti and each camper made their own maracas)

Yspaniola staff, volunteers, and community members design these activities to encourage campers to be creative, inquisitive, active, and healthy. Additionally, Yspaniola provides staff and volunteers with training, support, and a beach trip during Summer Camp, and provides a meal a day for all campers and counselors.

In addition to support the creativity, health, and learning of children in Batey Libertad, Summer camp provides valuable work and leadership experience for young adults in the community, and a unique and intercultural experience for international volunteers, who are typically college students and young professional from across North America.

If you are interested in volunteering with Yspaniola this summer, you can find more information on our volunteer page

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