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We are working hard to create vertical access to quality education in Batey Libertad, but we can’t do this important work without your help! Please consider making a donation to Yspaniola to support our programs. Together, we can create opportunities for individuals to make lasting changes in their community. You can donate by clicking here!

If you are interested in donating to our library, we encourage you to browse our Amazon Wish List here. You can buy books for the Learning Center directly through the site, ensuring that the children of Batey Libertad have access to culturally and linguistically appropriate books. At checkout, please select the designated address for Yspaniola’s Gift Registry!


In Summer 2018, Yspaniola launched a pilot documentation program to support a small number of students from our Learning Center in obtaining documentation that proves their legal status in the country and protects them from the risk of deportation. To find out more, visit this page.


There are many ways to fundraise for Yspaniola. Host an event. Create your own online campaign. Mobilize your community. Every dollar you raise will make a huge difference in the lives of our students! Yspaniola can help you organize and promote your efforts—please contact us at to get started.

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Yspaniola visits campuses and forums across the United States and the Dominican Republic. If you would like to invite us to give a presentation on the work we do and the community we serve, let us know!


Stay Informed

At Yspaniola, we believe in the power of knowledge to affect positive change. Stay informed about issues of educational access and human rights in the Dominican Republic by clicking on the links below. We hope the resources listed here can provide insights into our mission and our work.

Left Behind: How Statelessness in the Dominican Republic Limits Children’s Access to Education (Georgetown Law, 11 April 2014) A report published by the Georgetown Law Human Rights Institute that analyzes the effect of children’s statelessness on their access to education.

Needed But Unwanted (Wooding & Moseley-Williams, 2004) A Catholic Institute for International Relations (renamed Progressio) briefing about Haitian immigrants and their descendants in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic and Haiti: Shame (Canton & McMullen Jr, Summer 2014) A recent article from the Americas Quarterly journal that provides an overview of Naturalization Law 169-14 and its impact on Haitian immigrants and Dominicans of Haitian descent.
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Yspaniola works to ensure our partnerships are mutually beneficial. Our customizable corporate sponsorship levels will help you meet your philanthropic goals while engaging in a worthwhile cause. Contact us for more information.